The printer's power must be turned OFF before making any DIP switch changes.

If you have been printing, allow the print head to cool down before touching it.

To set the DIP switches:
1. Open the printer cover.
2. Remove the ribbon cassette.
3. Manually push the print head to the right side of the printer.
4. Grasp the fin of the compartment cover on the mechanical frame. Slide it to the left, and remove it.

After setting the DIP switches, replace the compartment cover, re-install the ribbon cassette and replace the printer cover.

The DIP switch settings are read only after the initialization process when the printer's power is turned on, or when the INITIAL signal is received on the parallel interface.

Note 1:
Epson and IBM modes are selected only by using DIP switch 1-4. There is no control code to designate Epson or IBM mode.

Note 2:
DC1 Code........ Select printer through software
DC3 Code........ Deselect printer through software

Note 1:
These character selections are valid for Standard Character Set, IBM Character Set 1, and IBM Character Set 2.

Note 2:
When DENMARK is selected in the Standard Character Set and in the IBM Character Set 1, the above DENMARK characters are available. However, when DENMARK is selected in the IBM Character Set 2, the U.S.A. character become available, and the code (9B)Hex or (155)Decimal corresponds to the print-out of a small slashed-zero and the code (9D)Hex or (157)Decimal, to the print-out of a large slashed-zero.