Note: The printer's power must be turned OFF before making any DIP switch changes.

CAUTION: If you have been printing, allow the print head to cool down before touching it.

The switches are located at the rear of the printer next to the input connectors. When shipped from the factory all switches are turned OFF.


Note: Standard and IBM modes are selected by DIP switch 2-4 only. There is no control code to designate Standard or IBM mode.

DIP Switch Bank 1

a. Serial parity and parallel selection


b. Parity error selection


c. Baud rate selection


d. Handshake protocol selection


e. 7 or 8 bits selection


*DIP switch 2-4 selects the Standard and IBM modes.
*In the Standard mode, the Most Significant Bit (MSB) can also be controlled by software independently as follows:
The "ESC=" command sets the MSB of data to be 0.
The "ESC>" command sets the MSB of data to be 1.
The "ESC#" command decontrols the MSB of data.

DIP Switch Bank

a. CR (0D HEX) command selection


A carriage return refers to following printing starting from the home position or the left margin position.

b. LF (0A HEX) command selection


If DIP SW2-1 and DIP SW2-2 are both set to ON, the CR command and the LF command perform the same function.

c. 1 inch skip-over perforation


d. Standard/IBM mode selection


e. International character selection

This selection is valid only in the Standard Mode.


f. Character set 1/2 selection

This is valid only in the IBM mode.


g. VT (0B HEX) command selection